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Volkswagen showed in advertising opportunities Apple CarPlay [video]

Volkswagen has released a promotional video showing the features of the car CarPlay technology. CarPlay allows drivers to use iPhone in the car as fully as possible, while not being distracted from the road. In advertising Volkswagen starred American actors Adam Scott and Michael Anthony peña.

Video Volkswagen demonstrates an onboard vehicle system with touchscreen-like interface iOS. You can control it by touching the main panel of the management bodies or with voice over intelligent assistant Siri.

Menu CarPlay, which are common on the iPhone and iPad features – navigation using Apple maps, music player, messages, calls. For example, using voice commands you can activate the call, select the music, build the route on the map. Siri will also be able to read the incoming message and will help to recruit and send a reply.

CarPlay is able to intuitively navigate in the built-in Maps app, when considering the construction of these recent visits, contacts, text messages and emails. The system voices the route instructions, information about traffic conditions and estimated time of arrival.

For CarPlay will need to connect any smartphone on iOS 7 and above, are equipped with Lightning connector. Support automotive technology Apple announced 11 new models of Volkswagen.

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