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Voice assistant, Google has learned to keep the conversation going

On the evening of 21 June 2018 the Google blog there was a record dedicated to the new Google Assistant. Intelligent assistant has learned to carry on a conversation without constant appeals: “Hello Google.”

Now, it is sufficient to refer to the assistant “by name” only in the beginning of the conversation. Subsequent commands can be pronounced naturally as in ordinary conversation with the man. To finish the communication, you can say, “Thank you” or “Stop”. Smart devices can also understand that it is no longer referenced.

Thus, after a call with voice or touch Google Assistant remains active long enough to be able to accept multiple commands from the user.

A new feature already available to owners of Google gadgets. To enable it by going to the application assistant/”Settings”/”Preferences”/”continuation of the conversation.”

The engineers at the search giant are confident that this innovation will make communication with smart devices easier. Now users will not hesitate to contact the assistant and will be able to give voice commands in the usual form.

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