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VMware and Samsung Galaxy S8 to turn into a full-fledged computer

VMware and Samsung announced the conclusion of partnerships with the aim of providing users with new capabilities for a unified work with smartphones and desktop computers.

It is noted that many users encounter the big difference when working with apps and cloud services through smart phone and PC. The cooperation of VMware and Samsung aims to create a unified digital work environment.

Integration of VMware Horizon and Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX) enables users to connect a smartphone Galaxy S8 to the dock and use the device with the full Windows applications with a single set of credentials. Dynamic access Windows-based programs, mobile and cloud-based services will be provided by VMware Workspace using ONE common environment. Regardless of whether users of Galaxy S8 landline and mobile, they will get the benefits of a unified access through a single device that fits in your pocket, the statement said companies.

“Samsung and VMware have a shared vision of how to help users Galaxy S8 to maximize the use device functions while providing the best experience possible, says Sumit Dhawan, senior Vice President and General Manager of computing for end-user VMware. Our expanded partnership will allow users to be more productive. Unified digital work environment ensures the continuity of their work. They will be able to use a mobile device in the workplace, connecting it to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, or to control it with the palm of your hand with touch and gestures — this option displays the work of mobile employees to the next level”.

Together with the smartphone Galaxy S8, recall, was presented docking station Dex, which transforms the device into a full-fledged PC allowing users to “comfortable to work in applications, edit documents, browse websites, watch videos and reply to messages on a phone using a large screen, keyboard and mouse”.

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The docking station has two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet interface, a USB type-C, a cooler and supports Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC) to charge the smartphone.

In combination with VMware Workspace VMware Horizon ONE and Galaxy S8 to the station DeX provides a unified digital environment in which users can access their Windows programs in the office or for Windows applications, mobile and cloud applications while working remotely, the statement said VMware.

Sale Dex will start in parallel with the Galaxy S8 and S8+. According to preliminary data, the dock will sell for 150 euros, and in sale it will arrive in the second half of April.

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