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Vladimir Putin visited the office of “Yandex”

Vladimir Putin visited the office of “Yandex”. The visit was timed to the 20th anniversary of the company. The President was shown the latest developments of the company.

Photo: RBC

Putin showed the unmanned vehicle, which is developing “Yandex”. Previously, the company already showed this car. He knows how to drive on a given route and avoid obstacles, including other cars and people. The President spoke about the voice assistant “Alice” and the new search algorithm “Queens”, which was submitted in August 2017. Earlier it was reported that Putin was to talk about the projects in telemedicine, education, business and transport.

The sources of The Bell said that the employees of the presidential administration recommended that employees of “Yandex” not specifically dressing up. In the office installed “jammers”, and employees are warned that there may be problems with communication and Wi-Fi.

Source: Interfax

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