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Vladimir Putin signed a law blocking “mirrors” pirate sites

01.07.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments

The Russian President signed a law blocking “mirrors” pirate sites on the Internet. This was reported on the official Kremlin website. Now is the illegal distribution and use of audio and video content on the network is prohibited.

Vladimir Putin signed a law blocking "mirrors" pirate sites

The document was approved by the state Duma and approved by Federation Council. It determines the order restricting access to the copies of blocked sites.

Putin signed the bill introduces the concept of a copy of the blocked site site “confusingly similar” to the blocked resource, access to which is restricted by court order.

The Ministry of communications, receiving from Roskomnadzor or their assignees such information, in the course of the day decides whether it is a blocked copy of the original. Verdict in Russian and English languages shall be sent to the owner of the mirror, and in Roskomnadzor.

Vladimir Putin signed a law blocking "mirrors" pirate sites

Telecoms operators within one day after receipt of the notification of Roscomnadzor need to restrict access to copies of the pirated website. Operators of search engines, in turn, must stop the results in the search pages, locked pages and their copies.

The state Duma adopted the bill in third reading on 23 June 2017. June 28 document was approved by the Federation Council. The law will come into force on 1 October 2017.


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