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“VKontakte” will restart “killer” Instagram

Social network “Vkontakte” preparing a new version of Snapster lenses, which is positioned as an alternative to Instagram. The main emphasis in the new version will be placed on fotocity.

“We really are preparing a major upgrade Snapster, but the details will inform later”, — told “Izvestia” official representative of the social network of “Vkontakte” Giorgi Lubushkin.

Snapster was launched in July. Works he copied the American fotootchet Instagram, owned by Facebook, with the difference that the Russian company has developed a more functional set of photo filters. Snapster allows you to more carefully work with the colors in the photos — for example, you can choose the color to lighten or discolor. The filter created by a user can be shared with friends.

“It’s exactly the same service, perhaps with other filters. From Instagram you can just throw a photo in “Vkontakte”, but, once in Twitter and Facebook. In Snapster few people, and as a separate service it is not perceived. Rather more as a service program to process the photos and send her in “Vkontakte”, — says Sergey begansky, according to which the first version of Snapster Instagram duplicates.

Snapster entered the top best apps of the year by the App Store. However, according to some experts, with the release of this app, the social network missed the year and a half. During this time, Instagram has gained great popularity in Russia, and to compete with this program became difficult.

Therefore, the approach to work with pictures it was decided to change. The new concept was the creation of photocata or photography communities. In Snapster they were called fotomontaj. All photos of a user together in a “room”, and every time posting a new photo, the user will be able to choose what to do with it: publish only in Snapster, to publish it in “Vkontakte” or save to “gallery” of your phone. Before publishing you can use ready-made filters or create your own with the same tools as in the previous version Snapster.

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The “Vkontakte” have already been attempts to create third-party services based on the social network. For example, the service to find work “the State” or video service “Vkadre”. However, they did not find support from users and as a result after some time were closed.

According to the head of the Agency “Social networks” Denis Terekhov, it is difficult to think of a reason for users to migrate from popular and mass media in the Russian Instagram local lens.

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