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“VKontakte” will mean eternal lock

“VKontakte” considers the legal claims of the Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet (ISAPI) as an attempt to strengthen their positions. In a press-service of the company said, surprised by the speed with which “only began a dialogue about potential cooperation” moved into the plane of trials. On the eve of ATAPI announced his intention to sue the administration of the social network.

As stated by the press service head Yevgeny Krasnikov, this is a typical pressure on the company. Also in “Vkontakte” said that attempts by the judiciary to compel the legalization of content is a dead end. According to Krasnikov, previously legalized content will result in a “legal” view of it is through mutually beneficial and voluntary cooperation.

ASAPI asked the court to block access to the book by Zakhar Prilepin “Abode”, which was published in a social network. The court granted the petition, and ISAPI said that will change the download order of content in a social network. In the Association want the users identified himself and entered the passport data before uploading the content to the network. According to defenders of copyright, it has to cut off users who download unlicensed information.

In ASAPI said they want to block the social network, and to force users to comply with copyright. The head of the Association Maxim Rabuka said:

“The purpose of the lawsuit is to force the administration “Vkontakte” to sit down at the negotiating table and force them to develop a functioning system that will let you download illegal books content users.”

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“VKontakte” for 2015, has become the most popular by volume of traffic social network in Russia.

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