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“VKontakte” will make audio recordings of paid

In the social network “Vkontakte” will be paid features for listening to music, according to the publication TJ. Relevant references found in the mobile operator’s app of the social network VK Mobile.

Users found in the code of an Android application the text “Subscription music “Vkontakte” is included in the monthly fee”. The cost of the subscription with no monthly fees the operator is not specified.

Method of subscription is also not described. As a rule, subscribe to music services or give access to the music library (Apple Music), or disable the ads that played during free listening to music (Spotify, “Yandex.Music”).

In July last year it was reported that the music of “Vkontakte” will be tolled, and the section with audio recordings will be completely rethought. This was stated by the representatives of the largest music copyright holders — the head of Warner Music Group in Russia Alexander Blinov, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment in Russia Arina Dmitrieva and CEO of Universal Music Group in Russia Dmitry Konnov.

It was noted that “Vkontakte” plans to promote your music using playlists, and musicians should appear on the page with a full description and discography (as it is now implemented in the Apple Music). When exactly will appear new opportunities is unknown. Representatives of “Vkontakte” refused to comment on the situation.

From October 2016, “Vkontakte” testing is embedded between recordings. The first videos were devoted to MTS, McDonald’s, Adidas and other brands.

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