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“VKontakte” will add audio recordings live

“VKontakte” will add music in a mobile app for live broadcasts of VK Live. The author of the video will be able to live to play any track of your playlist on the social network. The audience will also hear audio recordings, see its name and the author of the composition.

In December of last year, “Vkontakte” has launched on iOS app for live broadcasts of VK Live. The program for smartphone allows you to keep their stream, to watch and comment on others, send donations. The possibility of ethers have with all users and communities. To watch a live stream and at VK Live, and in the main application “Vkontakte” and on the website of the social network. If the user does not have time to live, he can watch the video later — broadcasts are saved as regular video.

Now the social network has decided to add it to VK Live new function. The author of the broadcast could run background music from your playlist Vkontakte. The audience will not only hear audio, but see the author’s name and song title. But if the author of the broadcast will include music, the social network will not save the video.

“We’ve noticed a trend — users include background music during their broadcasts. Planned within the framework of the experiment to allow the viewers of such broadcasts to see the names sounding compositions and thus learn about the musical preferences of their idols,” — said the publication “Vedomosti” representative of “Vkontakte” Eugene Krasnikov.

He added that the movie is deleted after translation is also a social experiment. To the question do you negotiate with rights holders on such use of recordings, Yevgeny Krasnikov has not responded.

Managing partner of Russian Venture Evgeny Gordeev suggested that streaming music will be deleted, so as not to infringe copyright.

“During the broadcast of the music creates the atmosphere, so “Vkontakte” adds this feature, — said Evgeny Gordeev. But I don’t believe in live broadcasts as a mass product, it is a tool only for “stars”.

PR-Director of the JSC “Firma Melodiya” Karina Abrahamyan noted that any use of audio recordings in the social network refers to public play. And if the copyright holder is contracted — it is piracy.

“It is difficult to comment on the decision of the team of the social network. They asked us for the use of works thus — said Maria Oparina. — I think that’s why they decided not to keep recording music.”

Two major music copyright owner, who contracts with “Vkontakte” refused to comment, saying he had not heard yet about such innovations of the social network.

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