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“VKontakte” started testing their own mobile operator

“VKontakte” began testing a virtual mobile operator, evidenced by the new release. The social network has released a mobile app VK Mobile, which is associated with its plans to launch its own operator.

To use VK Mobile in addition to the SIM card of a virtual operator need a device with Android 4.4 and newer. The subscriber’s personal account in the app allows you to manage communications services according to the description of the client. To use the application you need a valid SIM card network VK Mobile.

With the app you can refill the balance, to monitor the amount of available bonuses, to get details on expenses and to manage services.

Information on how to “SIM card” neither in the application nor in its description there. When it starts the user gets to the page gated community VK Mobile, for entry into which required administrative approval.

According to the published in Google Play screenshots, the service also provides cashback for purchases within the “Vkontakte”. Later a screenshot with information about the cashback was removed from the description.

The company confirmed that they conduct internal testing of the service. However, to discuss the timing of the launch of sales of SIM cards, tariffs for users and other details refused.

In October last year, the media spoke about the upcoming launch of a virtual operator VKmobile. Then it was reported that to pay for communication services will be possible, and special actions (like, membership in a particular group, to see something or to share something). At the same time was published the application “MegaFon” trademark registration VK Mobile.

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In December, “MegaFon” and “Vkontakte” announced the launch of a joint project with VK Mobile. The company said that the project will work on network-based virtual mobile operator Yota. In February of 2017 financial officer Mail.Ru Group (which owns Vkontakte) Matthew Hammond said that the main launch of the virtual operator VK can be held in the framework of the VK Fest in July.

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