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“VKontakte” sent to users in Ukraine instructions on how to bypass locks

Company Mail.Ru Group, which owns the social network “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” told how to use its services to bypass locks access. Instructions appeared on the websites of the company after the decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who demanded to block the country access to “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and other resources Mail.Ru Group.

Tellingly, Facebook did a mass mailing with the instructions for Ukrainian users of social networks. As described in the company, defines the social network of users by geolocation and IP addresses.

“VKontakte has always positioned itself above politics, our site is primarily a convenient platform for communication where everyone can Express their point of view regardless of countries and nationalities.

We understand how important it is to stay connected with family and friends. If Your ISP for some reason blocked access to Facebook, You can access the website using the following instructions,” – said in a statement on the website.

Among the tips “Vkontakte”: use proxy servers and anonymizers, which change IP address, download Tor browser, which gives access to locked resources, the VPN connection program to change IP addresses and servers for network access and a mobile app that allows you to view the blocked resources.

“VKontakte” recommends the use of browser features Opera Turbo and “Yandex.Turbo”, or use extensions for browsers “Savings” from Google, as well as services and Tunnelbear Zenmate.

Earlier on may 16 in neighboring Ukraine decided to restrict access to social networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, as well as to all services of the company “Yandex”, including Yandex.Card and Yandex.Navigator. This measure is stipulated by the decree on new sanctions against Russia, which was signed by the leader of the country. The lock is imposed for a period of three years.

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Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation Alexei Volin said that the people of Ukraine who use popular Russian Internet services, placed under sanctions, “instantly” learn the ways of blocking these resources, which will lead to raising the General level of computer literacy in the country.

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