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“VKontakte” officially launched operator VK Mobile

Saturday, July 15, Facebook announced the full launch of the virtual operator VK Mobile. The announcement took place at the festival VK Fest 2017 in St. Petersburg.

“VKontakte” began public testing of a private operator in June, and closed testing carried out from April 2017. VK Mobile is working on the network “Megaphone” (owns 63.8% of the voting shares Group, which owns the social network). According to the statement, “Vkontakte”, the statement “the largest number of 4G towers”.

The cost of connecting to VK Mobile is 450 rubles (100 rubles more, if you want to save the number of the previous operator. — Approx. ed.). The money will be automatically credited to the account of the subscriber after the activation of the SIM card.

VK Mobile include unlimited data for Vkontakte, 2 GB for the rest of the traffic, one free set of stickers in a month, all calls to mobiles and SMS on 1.6 ruble, free calls between subscribers VK Mobile. All this begs the monthly fee of $ 399 per month, with no roaming in Russia. In addition, the monthly fee VK Mobile-enabled music subscription service Boom and a 50% cashback for purchasing stickers and gifts in “Vkontakte”.

Order free shipping SIM-cards VK Mobile is currently available in more than hundred cities of Russia. You can place an order in the official community delivery by courier or pickup from the offices to the main operator. In addition, to connect to VK Mobile, you will be more than 1,500 sales points throughout Russia.

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At the same time in VK Mobile started program, which in addition to the included 2 GB Internet traffic each subscriber can get free up to 100 GB without restriction of validity period. It will need to share with your friends a special promo code that will appear in your VK Mobile app for iOS and Android.

When you activate a subscriber and a friend will receive 10 GB of Internet traffic. Each customer will be able to take advantage of the bonus up to 10 times.

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