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VKontakte launches own camera app for iOS and Android

“VKontakte” is releasing its own app for photo editing — it is now in pre-moderation in the App Store. It is reported by Rbc with reference to the sources familiar with the company’s plans.

At the presentation of the application in may, representatives of the social network said that the tape device “Vkontakte” does not allow users to focus on updates from friends due to the large number of entries from the community. New app aims to solve this problem. Will implement a full synchronization with the “Vkontakte”, and will also be available tools for processing images with filters. Users can create filters and share them with friends.

Photos can be viewed in the overall ribbon. People click “like” or leave a comment.

A request for accommodation application “Vkontakte” passed a few days ago. Sources familiar with the development of fotoprogramma, said that “in parallel, the product is being finalized”.

“VKontakte” creates a version of the lenses, and for Android, but is not in a hurry to post it in Google Play: mobile Google is usually faster considering the requests, so the “Vkontakte” focuses on the timing of the approval in the Apple store. The company policy is a set of reasons why the application may be rejected: for example, the presence of visible mistakes and hidden functions.

On average, moderated in the App Store takes five working days. After verification and approval by the moderators, the application will automatically appear in the App Store and will be available for download for iPhone users. Thus, “Instagram “Vkontakte” may appear in the coming days.

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According to a source close to Vkontakte, with validation of the lenses in the App Store should not cause problems, since there is no music. In February 2014 from the store missing application “Vkontakte”: officially, the social network explained it to technical reasons. In July 2014, the app returned to the store, but the social network has donated many features listen to music recordings: in particular, on search songs added by other users.

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