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“VKontakte” launches app for live broadcasts of VK Live

“VKontakte” launches app VK Live dedicated to live broadcasts to social networks. The user can access sending friends invitations to view, group streaming, instant responses about the video card direct interventions.

App VK Live was already used to doing some episodes of “Vkontakte”, which was shown through the service. The social network is testing the app since April this year. The first program will appear in the App Store, later it will be released for Android devices.

Users will be able to broadcast both on the page and in the communities in which they are administrators. Users will be able to donate money to the sponsors of the broadcasts with paid gifts that are already available in the catalog web version and mobile apps.

A portion from sales of the gifts will be delivered to the streamers, the rest of the social network will take. The ratio of shares in the royalties of “Vkontakte” does not open.

In the future, social networks will be a function of the recommendation video. “They are based on the interests of users currently watching the video. It is parsed and will be offered the following entries so that users are not left out of the social network,” — said the head of the press service of the social network Yevgeny Krasnikov.

Platform for live broadcasts of “Vkontakte” launched in the summer of 2015, but the company mostly used it to conduct their live broadcasts with celebrities. In September 2016, the access to the platform got some users to test more games, but then the service there is the option of sending donations to the sponsors of the broadcasts.

At the time of writing the post the VK app is Live in the App Store was missing, the representative of “Vkontakte” promised release in the near future.

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