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VKontakte has released the final version of messenger for Mac, Windows and Linux

“VKontakte” has completed testing of its messenger VK Messenger for desktop operating systems. The developers announced on the official page of the project.

In the new version of VK Messenger was changed design and fixed some bugs. Also, the developers have added an audio player to control music and feature a compact display of long links in correspondence.

In addition, the developers have built in messenger a number of features present in the web version of the social network, including group chat and messaging. Also, the application can now remember the folder from which the user last loaded a document or photo.

“VKontakte” were testing the app for six months. VK Messenger as before it is possible to correspond only with friends and with those with whom a dialogue has been started earlier. Before the administration of the social network explained the limitations of beta testing, however, revealed that the service has no plans to discontinue them in the future.

Download VK Messenger for macOS (starting with 10.9), Windows (from version 7), Linux (2.0) and Ubuntu (14.04).

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