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“VKontakte” has launched a self-destructing message, by analogy with Instagram

“VKontakte” on the eve of the New year invited users to congratulate friends with the help of recordings in a new format which is called “History.” We are talking about the so-called self-destructing messages, photos and videos. The service is similar to the function of Stories in Instagram.

“History” is located in the block above the news feed “Vkontakte”, publication in this section are visible to friends and subscribers within 24 hours after creation.

“Story” can consist of a photograph or video (12 seconds), with stickers, text and drawings. Photos or videos can be removed directly during the creation of “history”, or choose from gallery of your device. It is possible to use only content shot in the last 24 hours.

The same is the term “life” history in the app. Friends created the story see the link to it in the form of a circle with the avatar, located above the news feed within a day after publication. Also history can be send in a private message. The author can remove a published story in any time and see the count and who is from “friends” or subscribers saw it.

At the moment the “Story” is only available in the latest version of application “Vkontakte” for iOS and Android. In the web version of the social network this section is grayed out.

Instagram launched the service of “History” in August of 2016, before a section with self-destructing publications was only in the messenger Snapchat. In December 2016, “History” appeared in Facebook Messenger.

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