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“VKontakte” has launched a payment system VK Pay

In “Vkontakte” appeared payment platform VK Pay. With its help it is possible to pay in the communities, transfer money and pay bills.

To provide “Vkontakte”, told RBC that the payment system development will happen gradually. Initially, the function of payment is only available to owners of communities. At the same time, the social network will be to develop the store with the goods and services from partners. On the run exclusive deals posted “Litres”, DOC+ OneTwoTrip. Later on partner sites will be able to pay using Pay VK.

While the social network does not charge for Deposit, transfer and withdrawal of funds. But in the future it may appear. The company also expects to earn on individual conditions with partners.

Starting Pay there are three types of account. “Base”, which enabled all new users, allows to keep account up to 15 thousand rubles, and the volume of transactions should not exceed 40 thousand rubles per month. “Advanced” account gives you the ability to hold up to 60 thousand rubles on the account and spend up to 200 thousand rubles. per month. To connect, you have to fill in passport data, INN or Snils. Premium account holders have no limit on monthly transactions, and extends the limit of funds to 600 thousand.

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