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“VKontakte” has introduced a new app for processing photos and talked about the upcoming site redesign

VKontakte has submitted a separate application for photo processing codenamed ProjectX. It is reported TJ citing lead designer of the company Paul Shumakova.

At the presentation on Saturday, representatives of the social network said that the tape device “Vkontakte” does not allow users to focus on updates from friends due to the large number of entries from the community. New app aims to solve this problem. Will implement a full synchronization with the “Vkontakte” and will also be available tools for processing images with filters. Users can create filters and share them with friends.

Photos can be viewed in the overall ribbon. People click “like” or leave a comment. The ProjectX release is expected in early summer.

“VKontakte” does not think about competing with Instagram, as it has its own broad audience. The lens will solve the problem with skipping updates from friends. Judging by the pictures that publish application developers, they have a square format, like a photo in Instagram, but more resolution — 1080 x 1080 pixels is 640 x 640.

The end of the year “Vkontakte” plans to redesign the website. The main changes will be to increase the width of the site to 960 pixels, increase the font to 13 pixels, and a new block device design, which is called “Islands”.

The company noted that the application Vkontakte for Android will soon move to the use of Material Design.

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