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“VKontakte” has decided to go the way of Apple

VKontakte is negotiating with TNT, “STS Media” UTV “Bazelevs” and other production and TV companies to create exclusive content for the social network. About this “Vedomosti” with reference to the participants. Previously, Apple CEO Tim cook has announced plans of the Corporation entering into the production of original television content, and promised that in 2017 the company plans “many new things”, which ultimately enable it to compete successfully with other companies.

According to sources “Vkontakte” is interested in creating short shows, sketchkomy, mini-series, which will be shown exclusively on social networking site. For this purpose the company’s representatives are in talks with the producers and administrators of popular pages, where he presents their products. The source pointed out that at the initial stage, VK are ready to invest in shooting content “tens of millions of rubles”.

The top Manager of the company told the publication that “Vkontakte” does not plan to create expensive TV shows to show only on the Internet, as the cost of production of one series will cost $100-$150 thousand, and advertising or paid subscription will not be able to recoup the costs. Another close to the social network source added that “Vkontakte” is ready to spend on creating short content “up to a million rubles.”

Press Secretary of “Vkontakte” Eugene Krasnikov confirmed to the publication that development of content is underway, however, to clarify details of the project refused.

The social network follows the path of Apple, which also plans to actively create exclusive content. Apple in talks about creating feature films, and the purchase of rights to television programs. Cook has previously stated that original content “will be released throughout the year”. “We learn a lot about creating original content and think about the ways in which we can engage in this process,” he said.

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Russian Internet company because of the difficulties with the monetization and piracy is not interested in creating their own content. While the market has only special cases of such practices: in 2015, online cinema participated in the financing of animated series “10 friends rabbit” and the movie “the Bride”, the social network VK OK together with doing a weekly show “OK!”, which soon should leave on the channel “Moscow 24”. “Yandex” while only gets suggestions about producing films and TV series.

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