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“VKontakte” denied access to the audio feed for third party apps

“VKontakte” denied access to the music for a third-party mobile applications. Thus in informal clients can no longer listen to songs from the social network.

Long time using the social network API, any developer could create their own app with audio recordings of “Vkontakte”. But this week, the social network has closed access to the API.

Informal program with music from “Vkontakte” in the lead in the charts of the App Store and Google Play as free to listen to music. In contrast, in applications like Apple Music or “Yandex.Music” users have to pay a monthly fee.

Previously, an API for working with music users and communities was available to everyone. The developers received from “Vkontakte”, the track title, artist’s name and a link to the file to play. Now tools, in addition to methods to download audio files was not available.

“We understand that as a result, your application may completely fail or to lose a significant part of their capabilities. In most cases we will not be able to offer an alternative”, – said earlier in the social network.

Restriction of access to music, according to experts is due to the agreement of “Vkontakte” with the rights holders. As you know, this year, the social network reached an agreement with major music majors – Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

After that, the administration of “Vkontakte” began to study different ways to monetize music content. In particular, partner Mail.Ru Group — United Music Agency — has released a mobile app for listening to music with a paid subscription, and she, the social network started testing audio.

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