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Vivo claims that the smartphone Vivo X6 with 4 GB RAM is faster than the iPhone 6s [video]

Vivo, which is famous BBK Electronics, is preparing several Android smartphones, and one of them will be Vivo X6, equipped with 4 GB of RAM. Gradually, the manufacturer begins to reveal all the new features of this model.

In a fresh teaser image, published by Vivo, refers to the use of the smartphone has 4 GB of RAM. Due to this, the user will be able to run even more applications simultaneously.

In addition, the manufacturer claims the high-speed innovations, and gives the example of iPhone 6s, which seems to work slower than X6 Vivo. In order to prove it, on one of his video, the company demonstrates that the application on her smartphone run much faster than on the flagship Apple device.

Rumor has it that in addition to huge RAM size Vivo X6 will receive a 10-core chipset Helio X20, 6 inch screen with Quad HD resolution with support for Touch Force, a 21-megapixel camera, battery capacity of 4000 mAh and a fully metal casing that will make it a very unusual and, without doubt, a top-end phablet.

According to rumors, Vivo X6 will be the first smartphone that received a separate operational 1-Gigabyte memory for the video graphics coprocessor.

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