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Virus attacking Russian users of the iPhone

Wearer Facebook named Inna Jideleva published in the social network screenshots, screen iPhone, which depicted the attack of a virus on a mobile device.

According to Life, the system sent a push notification that the device detected a virus. Then there was a transition to a website where the user tried to impose a paid subscription.

Previously, “Kaspersky Lab” reported about a new mobile virus which is signed by the Russians on paid services. The malware infects a device when you click on infected links or via SMS. However, in the study it was likely only on Android devices.

Security experts have found that the Trojan was created by a group of Chinese developers. The virus has infected about four thousand vehicles, while the Trojan “specializiruetsya” attack of users from Russia and India. The Russian version of the program is even able to obtain confirmation of the subscription of the largest operators of cellular communication.

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