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Virtual Home button iPhone 8 will be able to change size and hide

Developer Steven Troughton Smith (Steven Troughton Smith) found in the firmware HomePod new details about the iPhone 8. This time we are talking about the virtual Home button.

In his Twitter account, he spoke about the new details arising from the code of the firmware HomePod. According to Troughton Smith, a virtual Home button the iPhone will be able to change size and to hide, if not currently needed by the user.

The developer notes that the area at the bottom of the screen which will perform the functions of the Home button, is actually a peripheral user interface that can expand, shrink, or even to hide the button, if the user don’t need it.

We know some facts re 8 iPhone home button area:

• it resizes
• indicator can be hidden
• no API to change color
• tab bars extend under it

— Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) August 10, 2017

For example, when watching a video in full-screen mode virtual Home button will completely hide, increasing the useful area of the display. Such a mechanism already involved in iOS in Safari, the bottom toolbar automatically hides and appears only when you scroll the content.

Despite the emergence of different details about the iPhone 8 now, there is no guarantee that new features will be presented in the final Assembly of the smartphone. Apple could easily test this functionality, but to send them back for revision, or to submit further iOS updates. That will actually get the iPhone 8, I will be known during the presentation in September.

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