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Virtua Tennis Challenge – as the best tennis was free

We already told you about Sega Forever – moderately successful attempt by Sega to play on the feelings of nostalgia. It seems that the time has come if not to take it back, at least a few critical remarks to be deleted. The fact that right before our eyes, into the category of “timeless classics” moved Virtua Tennis Challenge. Someone asks what’s wrong – the game appeared on a mobile four years ago. This is true. But now it is free. And not just free – it has all the advantages of the retro line. And they are a little more than it seems. So our little note about a great, without exaggeration, the game, which is now officially (and forever) available for zero rubles and zero kopecks.

Who hasn’t played Virtua Tennis Challenge until she hung in the market, and that his whole life was spent incorrectly. Is a great tennis simulator, in comparison with which the recent air war: Revolution – kindergarten playing in the sandbox. Here you choose your character, think about its characteristics, and then go to storm the court.

Shock No. 1 – battles at the local tennis go by all the rules of the real sport. That is, the first four games, three sets. Every game to 45 points in increments of 15. All is fair. And for a long time. Yes, Virtua Tennis is to play a couple of matches while riding the escalator – the battle will take more time. But this impresses: you do on the court, you are fighting for every point. You can drain a set and two games, but in the end to pull myself together, and to pull out a victory. The joy will be almost the same as the real players in that half hour that you are banging on the screen inside your emergency emotional roller coaster, so the victory was given the hardest work. That is why it is more valuable.

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In the Arsenal of athletes has a lot of real tennis tricks. You can peel with all the dope, you can smartly cut the balls, and you can hang candles. There is no single recipe: improvise, to understand, what reception will help you in the here and now. Otherwise, the virtual players will crush and they’ve different tactics, different abilities and at some point you’ll hit the wall of a foreign power.

The main task of our ward – a climb to the top of the rankings. Here everything is like in reality. You participate in tournaments, earning prize money. Initially the athlete stands on polulyubitelsky courts. But then the case takes a serious turn, where is close to the unique “Grand slam” – in the top ten are full of real struggle, which can stretch up to an hour. Doesn’t seem like a mobile game, isn’t it?

Actually, it is. Virtua Tennis Challenge grew out of the greatest tennis series on the Sega, and ported it to the Great donation. So this is the most immobile game in the best sense of the word. No timings. No “pay-to-win”. No stupid restrictions, Canary colorings, stupid costumes for the athletes and other carnival. This is a full tennis simulation game that delicately keeps the balance between the harsh sport and cool arcade fun. For some time now – free. And it has cloud saves and advanced control options. Honestly, if you once a year play sports, then let the quota is Virtua Tennis Challenge.

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