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Vimeo relaunched mobile video Cameo

Company Vimeo relaunched bought in may last year, mobile video editor Cameo. The app is fully updated with a guide to edit videos on the iPhone.

Now in Cameo for iOS, you can import videos longer than 6 seconds and a resolution of 1080p. Previously supported only import 6-second clips, and the length of the final movie in two minutes. Also appeared 8 filters and fonts, lettering which you can overlay over the video.

In the app you can arrange the episodes in the correct order, add audio track and apply filters. A video montage of big labor does not cause, all the instruments are clear, despite the lack of support of the Russian language. Processed videos are sent to the video service Vimeo.

Earlier in the Cameo was a social component. For example, users could follow the authors who upload videos. Now this feature is missing. Vimeo to share the best videos on the channel Best of Cameo.

Updated Cameo video editor free and copes with its task. To download the program via this link.

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