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Videohit: iPhone 7 does not stand the test gas burner

Crash tests conducted with mobile devices, really informative, as they allow users to know how well, or that the gadget is protected from bumps, falls and other mechanical damage. Nevertheless, most watched in the Network collects video where smartphones and tablets merciless way burn, explode and crush in a blender. In a recent video project author TechRax has tested the strength of the iPhone 7 with a gas burner. The results he shared with the audience of YouTube.

As explained by the blogger, for the experiment he used a gas burner of increased capacity. These are intended for manual soldering, heating, welding and other types of metal. Using the iPhone gas 7 heated to two thousand degrees.

In the video, the blogger first feel the strength of a glass globe that is filled with Coca-Cola. After heating the ball, the shrapnel flew in the face of the blogger, so the experiment had to be briefly interrupted. Then came the turn of the iPhone 7. Of course, the smartphone failed to pass the test by fire and he came into inevitable disrepair. The unit lasted a split second, and then caught fire.

Penalty video iPhone 7 quickly became an Internet hit, gathering a few days over a million hits. However, the audience differed in estimates of the crash test. Some considered it unacceptable to destroy expensive device for fun, while in the world there are many poor and needy people.

“Why spend money on expensive phones, which are then recklessly to destroy them, instead of donate money to the starving children!” – wrote one YouTube user.

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