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Videofact: Japan has created a robot for perfect sticking film on screen of iPhone

Protective film or glass is useful and even necessary accessory for the iPhone. It protects your smartphone screen from damage and scratches with daily use. And in a few months of operation, to return the gadget a perfect look you only need to replace the accessory. But properly and nicely to stick the film – it is not simple.

No matter how strong, agile and skillful nor was the owner of the smartphone, but to apply the protective film without bubbles is not a simple matter. Many have this skill perfected over the years until he turned into a cold-blooded skill. Whatever it was, but the Japanese have solved this problem. As it is know in Japan.

In a video posted online by Kotaku, shows an industrial robot with a pair of arms which are neatly and accurately puts the iPhone display protective film. The device demonstrated at the specialized exhibition robotics in Japan.

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