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Videofact: 1500 stationery rubber bands are unable to crush the iPhone 7 Plus

Just drop the iPhone from a height of human growth, with three metres from the roof of a tall building or laying under the wheels of the train are not so spectacular and interesting. Enthusiasts YouTube-channel TechRax has found a new way of check “Apple” gadget of strength — he was stationery gum.

Through the miracle of rubber bands you can destroy almost anything: a specific number is able to crush hard and not very items. Enthusiasts in this way have tested the iPhone 7 Plus. The device proved to be resistant to this form of torture and even survived a 1500 rubber bands.

The drafters did not recommend such a test at home: it is dangerous, and to predict how to behave in a compressed gadget, you can’t.

Earlier this year, the network appeared the video with the spectacular destruction of the laptop using office rubber bands:

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