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Video with the ants lined up in a circle around the iPhone, has become an Internet hit [video]

YouTube is gaining hits the movie “Ants Circling Phone”, in which a small group of ants are lined up in a circle around the iPhone. A few days the video of the mysterious behavior of insects scored over 100 000 views.

A flock of ants first randomly tossed next to lying on the ground a smartphone, and when it starts ringing — going almost in a perfect circle. The author of the video Antilles arts suggests that this behavior is caused by electromagnetic waves of the incoming call.

However, a number of experts does not bind the behavior of insects with iPhone. Known natural phenomenon, consisting in the fact that one or a small group of ants, at first glance, quite unjustly, starts running in circles, gradually involving in its endless cycle of more and more other ants. They continue running until, until you fall over dead, and formic circle continues its rotation until complete exhaustion, leaving behind hordes of the dead.

Major American myrmecology William Morton Wheeler for 100 years before the first iPhone was described observed them in the laboratory case spontaneous formic circle, practiced for 46 hours.

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