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Video of the day: the construction progress of Apple’s new campus from the height of bird’s flight

Blogger Duncan Sinfield spent aeromedevac on the place of erection of the new Apple headquarters. When it is finished, and it should happen in 2016, the building will resemble a huge disk space and landed in a green suburb.

A 4-minute custom recordings made using the DJI Inspire 1 drone appears to consider carefully walled building plot. On the site you can see the presets for the main campus buildings and ancillary and infrastructure facilities, a large number of building materials and a fleet of vehicles.

New campus “Apple” of the Corporation should look like a space ship from a science fiction film. It is a circular building, the construction of which will be used the most modern materials and technologies. The four-storey construction to 13,000 people will be complementary to the current office on the street Infinite Loop, for 2 800. The headquarters will be located on a 2.8 million square meters.

The roller allows you to appreciate the scope of the project of Steve jobs:

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