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Video of the day: the construction of a new campus of Apple from a bird’s flight

The owners drone DJI Phantom 3 Professional Duncan Sinfield and Matthew Roberts took the under construction Apple campus in the form of a ring from the height of bird flight.

In 2011, Apple received approval from the city of Cupertino for the construction of new headquarters, the main building which will accommodate 13,000 employees and will receive a very futuristic architectural appearance. The building, whose construction will be completed in early 2017, resemble an enormous space disc landed in a leafy suburb.

The 3-minute custom videos have the opportunity to consider carefully surrounded by a high fence of the construction site. Sinfield and Roberts noted in the video some details: the tunnels connecting different buildings of the campus, construction cranes, which was less than last month, the lighting of the building, laboratory development, underground hall for presentations. The construction of the campus off each month, noting changes on the site.

Headquarters Apple Campus 2 occupies 260, 000 square meters km in Cupertino, another 150 acres will be reserved for green area. The building project firm Foster + Partners will house a fitness center, a concert hall, cafes, Lounges and other infrastructure. The ring will fully provide itself with energy from renewable sources (e.g. solar panels on roofs).

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