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Video Director: new MacBook Pro “rips” more powerful Windows machine in real world usage scenarios

A specialist in video editing Thomas grove Carter from the British Studio Trim Editing shared his thoughts about the new Apple laptops. Carter was one of the first to test the 15-inch MacBook Pro, with which he was treated clips, movies and commercials.

Carter was delighted with the performance of the machine:

“First of all, it is very fast. During the week I used a MacBook Pro with the new version of Final Cut Pro X to cut content in the format of the 5k ProRes. Runs very smoothly. No matter what you think, looking at the specs of the laptop – the fact that software and hardware are so closely integrated with each other, the device is easily superior to Windows competitors with higher performance in real usage scenarios. It always has been with Mac. If you are working with old code that doesn’t use all hardware capabilities, you won’t get high performance,” writes the video – maker.

As for lack of ports and need to use the adapter with a new MacBook Pro with USB ports-C, for Carter it was not a problem.

“I already have an external SSD drive with USB Samsung T3-C. Is super-fast thing the size of a credit card. The only thing that has changed is that now I don’t need to use USB-C to USB-A in order to connect it to your laptop. I think I’ll get a docking station for Thunderbolt 3 for your workplace, which, by and large, just replace the Converter Thunderbolt/mini, which I use for old monitors” – added editor.

I’ve been playing with the volume adjustments in #fcpx on the new #MacBookPro and #TouchBar

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It’s great!

— Thomas Grove Carter (@thomasgcarter) 2 Nov 2016

Carter praised touch panel touch Bar new MacBook Pro. According to him, at first he is pretty sceptical about this innovation, however, quickly realized the convenience of dynamically changeable panel. Mini laptop display successfully replaced the expert keyboard shortcuts.

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