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Video camera Logitech Circle 2 with support for HomeKit suitable for installation in house and on the street

Logitech introduced home security camera Circle 2, which is suitable for use both indoors and in open spaces. Device with support for Apple HomeKit protected from dust, moisture and can be fixed on glass, wall, put on table, shelf etc.

The new model is a further development of the Circle. The camera has become more versatile, has got a range of accessories and holders. It is offered in two versions, designed for wired and wireless connection. To interact with the Circle 2, you can use a mobile device running iOS and Android.

Circle 2 is offered with the kit. Window Mount makes mounting the camera on the window, which is convenient to monitor what is happening outside the home. Mount Plug Mount allows you to mount the camera anywhere around the house where there’s an outlet.

Extension cable for wired camera Weatherproof Extension expands the choice of location for its placement — like in the vicinity of, and under the open sky. A Rechargeable Battery — backup power source which provides the camera Circle 2 Wire-Free for three months.

Circle 2 is able to broadcast in 1080p, including the night; has angle of view of 180°; allows two-way voice communication. Buying the camera, the user simultaneously receives at its disposal a storage space in the cloud storage, enough to store 24 hours of video.

Logitech launched pre-orders for the device. The cost of wired devices Wired Circle 2 will be $180, Circle 2 wireless Wire-Free $200. Accessories and mounts cost from $30 to $50.

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