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Victory Day released the iPhone 7 with Stalin and St. George ribbon

The company Caviar continues to shock the audience. Especially on Victory Day jewelers has introduced a new collection iPhone 7, on the frame of which depicts a portrait of Stalin, St. George ribbon, the emblem of the USSR and the order of Victory.

The series includes three models Forza games Forza Forza USSR and Stalin. The appearance of gadgets imbued with the General idea: the device has got the back panel finished composite onyx with orange specks and a gold, stylized St. George ribbon. In the centre of each smartphone is a special symbol of Victory.

The iPhone 7 Forza Stalin bears a gilded portrait of Stalin and the words “not one step back”. The profile of the commander in chief repeats the one used on the medal “For victory over Germany in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945”.

Model Caviar iPhone 7 Forza Army got the image of the order of Victory, which also duplicates the original, but without the use of enameled and diamond elements as well as the inscription “Red army is the strongest”. Caviar iPhone 7 Forza USSR is the emblem of the USSR and the inscription “a Country that does not surrender”.

Novelties are released in a limited edition — each smartphone will be available in 72 instances. Each smartphone comes a song “Victory Day” by David Tukhmanov as ringtone.

The cost of exclusive “sevens” is 189 000 rubles in the memory of 32 GB, 204 000 for the 128 GB and 256 219 000 for GB. The price of a similar iPhone 7 Plus will start from $ 204 000.

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