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Vice President Samsung is copying Steve jobs

Samsung has again caught up to Apple. At this time the distinguished Vice-President of the South Korean company George. R. Rotter, who was fascinated with the image of the founder of the California Corporation.

The main marketer of the German branch of Samsung posted a picture of him and the job description. If you look at the picture, you can see that Rotter almost completely copies the style jobs on the legendary black-and-white portrait.

The famous photo of Steve jobs made a Scottish photographer albert Watson. In a recent interview he remembered this photo shoot, calling the inventor of the iPhone “surprisingly charming – more as an actor and not as a businessman.”

From the description of the position of the top Manager Samsung follows that since 2009 he is Vice President, corporate marketing and is responsible for the promotion, communication and marketing strategy for all company products. Apparently, Rotter admires Steve jobs because of his portfolio, he chose the famous image of the founder of Apple.

Rotter appears in the picture in the same form: a black turtleneck, unshaven, round glasses, hand on his chin. Knowing Samsung, there is no doubt that he walks around the office in New Balance sneakers.

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