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Viber opens official representative office in Russia

Viber plans to open a representative office in Russia. This publication reports RNS with reference to the statement of the head of Viber Media Jamal, Agawa.

Top Manager noted that the company is ready to fulfill the requirements of Russian laws in the sphere of regulation of messengers.

“Now our lawyers study the details of legislative initiative, to understand how from the legal point of view, will be registered office. But in any case, of course, it will be open”, – reports the edition of the words of the top Manager.

The decision, however, is still not final: Agawa added that the agreement on opening of the representative office gave shareholders Viber – Rakuten, the Japanese holding company, however, this step still must be approved by the Board of Directors Viber.

To predict the timing of opening a representative office of a top Manager did not – according to him, for approval by the Board of Directors “takes time”.

“Our shareholders have already agreed to open a representative office of Viber in Russia. Once you make the decision, I will pass it for approval by the Board of Directors — it takes time. You see, we not hiding from anyone. But the timing is too early to say,” said Agawa.

The first version of Viber was released by the Israeli company Viber Media in 2010. In 2013, the messenger was one of the first among the similar services introduced function calls. In 2014, the holding company Rakuten announced the purchase of Viber for $900 million.

12 July in the state Duma was introduced a bill that requires all instant messengers and social networks audience in Russia more than 2 million people to open office to take complaints through it and delete all the “offensive” and “inaccurate” information during the day after the complaint. In case of refusal of services will face fines up to 50 million rubles.

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