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Viber now allows you to chat during the call

Viber Media has announced a new version of the official client for iOS. In the update, the developers have implemented the ability to chat during the call, add avatars for group chat; change font size. Download Viber 5.4 from the App Store catalog.

In the new version of Viber have the opportunity to view the call log directly in your chats. Also added ability to send messages during a call: user can collapse the call and open any other app screen without interrupting the conversation.

The developers have added the ability to put an avatar for a group chat and automatically start the communication after adding the interlocutor by scanning the QR code. The program will display the name and photo of the caller, even if it is not in your contacts list. In addition, if you change the font size in iOS settings, the changes will automatically be applied to Viber.

In one of the previous releases Viber has received support for interactive notifications, with which you can manage the messages and calls. Now to interact with messages and incoming calls from three sections of the operating system – notification Center, lock screen and through banners. To use the function, you need to enable it under “Settings” -> “Notification”.

The client also allows you to upload content to various applications without closing Viber, and open files using the program. This was possible due to the introduction of the iOS 8 features data exchange between the support extensions.

The Viber app is available for most platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Download Viber 5.4 for iOS is available for free at the link below.

Download Viber for iPhone and iPod touch [App Store]

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