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Viber for spam suggested to install antivirus software on iPhone

Most popular in Russia, messenger Viber responded to users ‘ complaints of spam in the service. As one of the solutions to the problem of the developers suggested to install antivirus software, on both Android devices and iPhone with iPad.

Service users Viber linked account to the phone number, has long suffered from spammers. Through the spam in instant messaging applications are moving not only specific goods and services anonymous sellers, but also quite well-known and respectable brands. On the official website of the Russian branch of Viber appeared instructions for solving the problem of spam. The administration of the messenger warns users from referrals received from unknown numbers and calls to forward suspicious messages to the number +7 (985) 501-66-65. As effective measures to combat spam Viber is suggested to install antivirus for iOS.

I must say that until recently in the App Store there was a whole category of applications, the purpose of which, according to the description – protecting the iPhone and iPad from the main types of threats and the prevention of identity theft. The developers said a thorough check on your vigilance, resistance to infection, speed and other parameters. Realizing the futility of it, Apple finally decided to release the App Store for similar apps. The company cleared the directory from programs that promises protection from viruses, Trojans, SMS blockers, worms and other malware. In other words, take the advice of Viber may be problematic.

Note that in the early years of the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia (FAS) has officially regarded as as spam by messengers to the SMS-spam and recognized this as a violation of the law. Unfortunately, precedents of accountability messenger-spammers have not yet been. To create a precedent, experts recommend to victims of spammers to appeal to the state authorities (Federal Antimonopoly service, Federal service and Roskomnadzor), and claims they can help professionals Society of consumer protection.

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