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Viber first confirmed readiness for cooperation with Telecom operators

Viber messenger stated that he is open for cooperation with Telecom operators – if this is useful for users. It is reported by RNS with reference to the press service of the company, which answered the question whether Viber to conclude agreements with Telecom operators in the case of the bill on regulation of messengers in Russia.

“Viber is open for cooperation with any companies that offer truly useful user experience within the application. Including – and with operators”, – reported in a press-service of the company.

On the eve of “Vedomosti”, with reference to the representative of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy said that the bill on regulating the work of messengers in Russia is already prepared and passes final approval in other ministries. Services for instant messaging to work on the territory of the Russian Federation will need to register.

According to the explanatory note to the owners of the messengers will have to fulfill the identification requirements of users through operators; preventing mass mailings, and information distributed in violation of the law; sending messages at the initiative of Federal Executive bodies.

If the messenger does not fulfill the requirement of Roskomnadzor to register in Russia or identify users, according to the court, he can be blocked.

At the moment Roskomnadzor have agreed the document with the industry. According to Ambalangoda, the draft document contains two main ideas: he will oblige the owners of messengers to enter into agreements with operators and will not allow the messengers to do the mass mailing of messages without the users consent.

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