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Viber appeared self-destructing, secret chats and lock screenshots

Viber has announced new capabilities for secure communication in the messenger. Application users can create “secret chats”, which will be destroyed after a specified period of time. The function is useful in cases when it is necessary to take additional security measures.

Previously, the timer of self-destruction were only available for individual messages — this feature appeared in the messenger in the beginning of the year. In “secret chats” also, you can not forward the message.

To prevent copying of content, the ability to take a screenshot of the “secret chat” will be blocked in case of Android device. IOS users will receive notifications if someone will make a screenshot. To prohibit the creation of screenshots on the iPhone and iPad is impossible because of the peculiarities of the operating system.

Worldwide Viber is used by more than 800 million people. Like other popular instant messengers, it uses full message encryption.
Self-destruct messages and lock screenshots have become popular after the appearance of the messenger Snapchat. Similar functionality is also in Telegram.

The new version of Viber for iOS and Android will appear in the app stores in the coming days.

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