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Vernee Mars became the second Android smartphone with the design of the antennas of the panels as the iPhone 7

Because metal blocks the signal transmission and prevents the operation of mobile communication, there are many risks in using this material in the body of the smartphone. In addition to the influence on the signal, the metal also determines the appearance of the device, so today the metal smartphones of different brands are very similar.

Apple is the leader in this industry, because the company manages to solve the problem of signal reception while maintaining the uniqueness and beauty of their devices. So, the iPhone 5 was a more daring design than the iPhone 4. The whole body of iPhone 5 is made of aluminum alloy, but it affected the signal quality. When the antenna is hidden in a closed metal casing, it becomes difficult to cover all desired frequencies of radio signals. For this reason, the iPhone 5 uses two plastic inserts that are not connected and are located separately on the top and bottom of the device. This is done in order to ensure the quality of passing Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and other signals.

The leaders in the industry of producing smartphones agree that the iPhone 5 has a great design, in terms of Assembly and materials. Therefore, smartphone manufacturers so often copied its design.

In iPhone 6 Apple designers used technology of injecting plastic in the mold to reduce the area allocated for the antenna. Therefore, the body receives most integrity. But as the number of network frequency is much increased, the iPhone 6 was designed with four lanes for the operation of the antenna, which device layout is far from ideal.

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To strike a balance between appearance and functionality, the designers and engineers went through all the methods they can only come up with to solve the antenna problem.

This year, Meizu Pro 6 followed iPhone 6 and receive a plastic insert. But Meizu has tried to use a different design to provide and receive signals and attractive appearance. If podgadat time, the latest iPhone 7 also comes with arched bands of antennas, which are similar to Meizu Pro 6. Because of this, it looks more elegant and attractive.

Launched in September of this year, Vernee Mars became the third all-metal smartphone, which boasts neat rows of antennas. This model shows the eagerness of company Vernee innovation and great design. Although Vernee young brand, that won’t stop him from getting the appreciation and attention of users.

Mars comes with 4 GB of RAM, built-in storage of 32 GB, 8-core 64-bit chipset and a 13-megapikselnoy camera Sony IMX258 that supports phase detection autofocus PDAF. Mars is the lateral placement of the fingerprint sensor and supports fast charging of the battery.

Retail price Vernee Mars is $249,99. Pre-selling unit available for $229.99. A shipment of pre-orders will be organized in October.

For more information visit but that’s not all. Vernee Mars is available for order at Gearbest priced at $199.99.

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