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Vacation mobile mode: 7 best games of 2015, which should go on holidays

If now to look back over his shoulder after seeing these 11 months, you’d think outstanding games for mobile was – so, every little thing. To some extent this is true: in 2015, there really wasn’t greatest hits in the spirit of the XCOM or Wolf Among Us, there were no breakthroughs like FRAMED (although something similar we found) or any reference graphical games. But, nevertheless, we remembered seven great projects that you can dive on new year’s holidays – if you have not already done so. In order not to give unnecessary occasion for kindling, we do not put any spaces; just a list.

Does Not Commute

“Surprise of the year” and “brilliant idea of the year”: an amazing puzzle game that is difficult to tell in words but easy to understand and even easier to fall in love.

In short: you have brooded over the city. Down goes the machine – you need to bring it from point A to point B. Control heavy, so the car collects all the beams, taxiing on the grass and barely warming up with a concrete house. Finally, you come to the place. Issue a second auto it is also necessary to undertake, also in this city. But there is a caveat: previous machine moves at the same time, when you touch the second.

At first, this presented no problems – the drivers make a voyage in different parts of the city. But over time – in the fifth, seventh flight, your previous exercises in a reckless driving prevent: you taxied to the intersection, and there Orgy. Just to go further, one has to drive about ten times, on ten machines at a time. Especially fun to compare the state of the city at the beginning of the level and in the end: metamorphosis is illustrated by the track Bauuer – Harlem Shake.

And yet there is a recurrent theme, pulsating atmosphere of the 60’s and great music. If you have not played – be sure to fill the gap.

This War is Mine

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A plausible simulator of the ordeals of the common man during the war years was released on the PC several years ago and were thriving. And then a couple of nervous systems: play This War of Mine was akin to some kind of masochism. iOS version in this regard is not inferior, and from the first frame it says: you are all doomed. Holed in the house, where a few survivors huddle with Slavic names, walk, wind, hunger and death. We need to survive: to patch the holes (so that nobody slipped), to construct the stove (it’s winter), and to stock up on drugs and medicines.

Last mined in the attacks: night rushes to the theater of operations. The devastation has touched the whole city, but not all people – rummaging through an abandoned store, you can stumble upon anyone: a drunken thug, embittered military or surviving same.

At first, This War of Mine puts you in the suit of the victim and walks in this form on local scenery. The costume is familiar and no pressure – we have learned to stand up for myself in games. The revelations start later when you have more weapons and become a threat. You are not afraid of a drunken thug, and he you. And not only the bandit clinging in fear: you can bring death and peace to the people, and the elderly, and couples. Here will – a question that can be answered with 1 to January 10.

Halo: Spartan Strike

Halo in Russia traditionally do not favor. The reason for the frivolous appearance of the series or a strong bias in American culture code – difficult to say. And this is doubly bad, considering that one of the best mobile games this year – Halo: Spartan Strike “shooter on top”.

The time Spartan Strike – between the second and third parts of the series, but since the majority of the event is unknown, the great need to tell the details there. Just to say that the conflict, put in Spartan Strike eternal Covenant against the Spartans.
Your two-meter giant wakes up in the middle of the battlefield: everywhere explosions, war, sadness and death. The camera is lifted to the ceiling, so read all skills are on another street; although the reaction is useful. Left slider movement, the right – buttons attack and defence. Even though mechanics are completely different, the dynamics that come from classic Halo: tight action with constant maneuvering around the map.

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If you missed this little wonder (probably missed), then be sure overstate.

Lara Croft: GO

Little nomination “the Surprise years” – few could predict it would be so cool. Hitman: GO, of course, was the puzzle I was rather surprised by the fact: put simulator killer in the table field. Genre transformation Lara Croft GO is not surprising – and that it largely interesting.

The area is divided into several dozen cells. Every movement of Lara drives the local microcosm: with you at the same time jumping Anaconda, falling rocks, jagged saws are activated. Goal – to run from one point to another – aggravated a hundredfold: try here to do something, when the entire field is populated by the local bestiary. However, you can do it – Lara Croft GO is not tormented by the user, but rather confronts him with the task, which he runs joyously to solve.
Included: – marvelous graphics, the see-through plot, several dozen suits and a lot of bonuses.


The girl stole red’s voice. In her sword (actually a Transistor) is driven some small talking enchanting offers. The city was tidied up in the hands of cyberterrorists of the future. On the streets of an unidentified digital vermin. Welcome.

Authors Bastion confidently pulled off the feat a second time: a ruined world, an unreliable narrator and a fascinating, divine universe, screaming from all corners of the tablet. As the game Transistor revelation so-so – infinite turn-based combat, and countless piles of squares in the spirit of science fiction of the 80s. Nothing really outstanding.

But hell, what an atmosphere – the music, the design and the script makes not only to forgive everything but also to carve out a couple of days with the holidays. Because it happens very rarely.

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Dead Effect 2

Understand how provocative this position, but still – Dead Effect 2 had a pretty good game. And, more importantly, a good shooter is an extremely rare feature for mobile games.
First, of course, turn Dead Effect 2 is a good alloy free-to-play with patterns unique to the games for $ 60. There is a full story, a clear story, great setting and generally everything that is usually in a good single player projects, for which you have shelled out a decent amount.

In the second place – it’s just a good shooter. Zombie (tired, Yes) rod endless stream, you scatter their machine-gun chatter: fire on the heads, just that – a grenade. A couple of minutes after a hot battle floor, walls and ceiling spattered with blood and strewn guts; Gore has always been spectacular.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

“Brothers” can be recommended to those who are in a New year sees no joyous feast, and the source of existential experience: to be sad during the General fun – quite a normal reaction of a certain group of people.

Here Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons can be very useful. Elegiac story about two brothers who went to distant lands to find a cure for his father, ends not that bad – terribly sad. The whole thing is causing that feeling – it does not press on pity, not forced to cry, she just embodied a deep breath. It is the breath or the message of the “Brothers” not to describe.

And in the intervals between the Scandinavian drama lurks a great platform for… two people. Yes, on mobile to play together is most convenient: on the consoles it is simply impossible (there only real legitimate version of a single user), the PC is a little more complicated. So, if you suddenly under the Christmas tree instead of a gift found only festive spleen – catch a kindred spirit, and get behind Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons.

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