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Using iPhone while charging may be life-threatening

Talking on the phone while your device charges, you can represent a mortal danger, say experts in the field of electronics. The experts of the Commission on consumer product safety USA recommends that you do not talk on iPhone while charging the mobile device.

In the example, the number of cases referred to different media. In 2013, the stewardess from China hit the charge of electricity during a call on the iPhone during charging. MA AI LUN died when he tried to answer the call on my iPhone connected to a charger. Some time later in Malaysia woman died due to shock, again, while talking on the iPhone.

In March 2014 a conversation on iPhone 4s while charging caused the death of a resident of Thailand. Pisit Changlek died when kept in the hands of the telephone connected to the adapter. In July 2015 in Hong Kong while charging exploded iPhone 6 Plus, and a month earlier in China from electric shock killed the girl, saragassa your iPhone.

In April 2016 30-year-old woman from Kuala Lumpur, died from electrocution while talking on the smartphone to the charger. According to local media, the mother of two children died on his birthday.

A similar incident happened a few years ago in India. 25-year-old Dhanji Damor received a mortal shock, when he dialed the number on the unit. Later it turned out that the fan of Apple products killed a fake copy of iPhone in China. He didn’t have enough money for the original device, and he decided to buy a fake.

Experts in electronics claim that talking while charging iPhone can be dangerous, despite the fact that the manual does not contain similar warnings. Dangerous not so much the phone, many aftermarket chargers that are bought in order to save. According to experts, to pay for the difference in price, users can own life.

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Experts of the Commission on consumer product safety USA is recommended to use only genuine Apple chargers.

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