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Using Face ID you can not pay for family purchases

Parents can approve purchases for their children using Face ID. It will have to enter the password.

In iOS 8, Apple added a feature Family sharing, which lets you purchase games and apps in the App Store of one’s Bank card for the whole family. Thus the system creates a joint account, and all downloaded software, movies and music are shared. But more importantly, with this feature, parents can keep track of what I buy in the App Store by their children and to personally confirm each transaction. Previously, in order to allow the offspring to download any app or game, just had to put finger on the Touch ID sensor. The iPhone X will have the good fortune to enter the data Apple ID.

Likely, Apple has complicated the confirmation process due to the fact that people similar to smartphone owner can cheat the system Face ID. Children often resemble their parents. Surely everyone at least once met a father and son or mother and daughter with similar features. And that children could not without the consent of the parents to make a particular purchase in the App Store, Apple has banned the use of Face ID to confirm transactions made with other devices.

Many users this approach seems a step backwards, because the company complicates and slows down the process of authorization. But the parents say Apple thank you, as a ban might protect them from unexpected expenses.

Moreover, there is already a precedent. Not so long ago, Face ID lied to preteen. He gained access to the iPhone X your mother after several attempts at scanning faces.

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