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Using augmented reality in iOS ARKit 11 created an accurate tool for measuring the area of the premises

The startup announced the Smartpicture app for iOS 11, allowing to measure in the augmented reality space and distance between objects using the iPhone camera. In the video, the creators of the program demonstrated the method works by measuring a minute kitchen area.

To measure the distance a user can simply point the smartphone camera at the reference point and consistently “stretch” a virtual ruler around the room. After that, the app will show the total area of the room.

Previously App Store was already available similar applications, but in the case of new users waiting for accuracy and usability. The virtual ruler is capable to measure distances with an error of not more than half an inch, according to developers.

Previously, the programmers showed impressive examples of the use of technology ARKit. They showed application, projecting on the real space of the interactive virtual objects.

ARKit was submitted in June along with the new operating system iOS 11. The technology is supported on IOS gadgets with processors Apple A9 and A10, which include smartphones post-iPhone SE and the latest version of the iPad.

The first application leverages ARKit will be released this fall.

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