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Users Windows 10 has only a month to roll back an update

Operating sysetm Windows 10, designed to integrate all devices of a user in a single ecosystem, was the first major Microsoft product that you can install for free. Users who upgraded my computer, but for some reason you decide to revert, given the chance. But it is just one month.

After the free upgrade to Windows 10 users have 30 days to return to the former system. After that, this possibility is blocked. The user will either have to stay with the new OS, or to produce a “clean” installation.

Actually when you upgrade to Windows 10 and transfer the old license to the new OS, and if within 30 days the user does not ask for it back, then the license key for the old platform is no longer valid.

After 30 days in Windows 10 turning off the downgrade. So if you want to return to the previous system, this must be done before, and required option is Update and security -> Backup -> restore Windows X.

Another point that caused the issues users – automatic system updates Windows 10. Now confirm users to download updates OS will not ask. This is done to ensure that the platform has always been important and most protected. However, such a system update may lead to the fact that the new version may have errors associated with any particular device and hardware configuration. In some cases the user may not even realize that he had installed the new driver, and because of which the computer is to handle errors.

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Currently the number of installations of Windows 10 has already exceeded 67 million, and the share of the new OS among others approaching 3%.

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