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Users “Vkontakte” will be obliged to submit passport information when uploading content to the social network

Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet (ISAPI) is going to require users of “Vkontakte” to submit passport data to download content to the social network. It is reported by RNS.

“The site when you download files or to require the user to present documents confirming his right to upload content, or if users guarantee the validity of the content and see themselves as rights holders, to distribute them to the requirements of the administration “Vkontakte” to the rights holders, thus putting them in equal conditions”, — said the representatives of ASAPI.

However, if the administration wishes to preserve the data privacy of their users, argues the Association, the agreement with an unidentified person can not provide the administration “Vkontakte” the status of the information intermediary.

“This is why ISAPI and appealed to the Moscow city court. We want the court obliged the administration of “Vkontakte” to limit re-posting of the content on their own, without additional direct claims by right holders”, — stated in the message Association.

The press service of the social network declined to comment, citing the fact that within a trial with ISAPI solution yet.

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