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Users talking about facial expressions Tim cook at the meeting with trump

The President of the United States Donald trump held a meeting of the American technology Council, which brought together the heads of major U.S. companies-including Apple CEO Tim cook. The Council was created by trump on may 1, and manages in-law of the head of the country Jared Kushner.

At the first meeting of the Council raised a range of issues, including the modernization of the government. According to the White house, the Federal government spends more than $80 billion a year on information technology, involving approximately 113 000 people. But many information systems used by Federal agencies are outdated and inefficient.

Also at the summit discussed cybersecurity, the Internet of things, using drones, government spending, and artificial intelligence.

Photos of the event have become one of the most discussed reason in social networks. “Looks like only one person really wanted to be there,” write the users of the network, looking at the sad expression on the face of Tim cook.

Faces of the heads of Microsoft and Amazon also provoked ridicule among users.

“Satya Nadella looks as if within half an hour sent a signal “Get me out of here”,” written under one of the pictures Twitter user.

“When Siri is offline and you need help” — he deciphered the expression of Tim cook another user.

“The face of Tim cook, when he thought it would be better to become a US President, not the CEO of Apple,” writes eli_schiff.

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