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Users Seagate external drives now available 200 GB in the cloud OneDrive

Seagate has announced that external drives Backup Plus family of now provide 200 GB of space in the cloud service OneDrive. As reported in the company, updated the device equipped with the Seagate Dashboard for easy configuration to backup the content of mobile devices and social networks. In addition, Seagate has introduced a new odnopestichnyj hard drive Backup Plus 4TB, designed in a compact form-factor of 20.5 mm.

“We continue to develop our solutions for backup, optimizing software and using affiliate offers,” said mark Whitby, senior Vice President of Seagate Branded Products Group. In particular, concluded partnership agreements with Microsoft Corporation, which is the operator of the cloud storage service OneDrive”.

Cloud service OneDrive ensures the availability of content on all devices. This tool to improve personal productivity allows you to access your most important files from any connected to the Internet mobile devices and automatically saves the latest version of the document, allowing you to share them with colleagues and work with them in co-op mode.

“OneDrive simplifies collaboration on Office documents and ensures that you always have the most important files on PCs and Macs, smartphones and tablets,” explained Angus Logan, marketing Director for Microsoft products. — Our cloud solution is best suited for those who use Seagate Backup Plus”.

Equipped with Seagate Dashboard external hard drives Backup Plus allow you to make backup copies of the content from social networks such as Facebook and Flickr, both automatically and as needed. “Beyond that, Backup Plus works in configuration with the Seagate Mobile Backup app that can be used to backup mobile data when available connecting to a wireless network and in the cloud storage, if you are out of the house,” said the company.

Portable hard drive Seagate Backup Plus 4TB USB 3.0 will go on sale in mid-July. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is $239,99. Seagate Backup Plus Slim thickness 12 mm, plug the USB 3.0 interface, is already available for purchase. The cost of the device depends on the capacity of the model: 500 GB — $79,99, 1 TB for $99.99, 2 TB is $129.99. Backup Plus Slim is available in red, black, silver and blue colors. Seagate Backup Plus Desktop USB 3.0 compatible with power supply, has already appeared on sale in versions with a capacity of 2 TB for $119,99 and 8TB for $359,99.

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