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Users over the age of 35 young people are more willing to pay for Apple Music

Another study analysts questioned the way Apple as a company creating products for the young and trendy.

Analytical Agency JackDaw Research has examined the audiences who paid a subscription to streaming Music service Apple. The study has interviewed about 500 respondents. It turned out that the youth, agreeing to a trial subscription to Apple Music, much less willingly prolongs her own money. The older generation is more serious about his musical activities.

According to statistics, 62% of Apple Music listeners under the age of 35 years, canceled the subscription, refusing to continue to pay for use of the service. However, users are over 35 years old decided not to renew the subscription only in 33% of cases. It turns out that the music is not as important to the younger generation or the only question in the media?

To this question tried to answer Jan Dawson, principal analyst at JackDaw Research Agency:

“People over the age of 35, as practice shows, are better off in material terms. It costs nothing to pay 10 dollars for the music. You know, it’s like drinking a Cup of coffee – everything is logical. Such people are more busy so they have no time to search for and purchase songs. They pay for an unlimited number of tracks and just take the opportunity to listen to them all.”

Statistics show that young people are more inclined to free services. For example, the ability to freely listen to any music give YouTube and Spotify. More than 70% of Spotify customers – students under 35 years of age. About 80 percent of whom prefer not to pay for content. The service operates through a Freemium model, with a positive impact on its popularity, even with restrictions and advertising.

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“Young people are more tolerant of pop-up advertising, and they have no problem to close it. In addition, young people are not so conservative and can afford to look for alternative services,” summed up Dawson.

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